“Il Cortiletto” appetizer selection

(Minimum Per 2 people)

Selection of Cold Cuts
Cheese Platter
Apulian Broad Beans purée with chicory
White cabbage salade

with marinated pumpkin and red fruit dressing

Cacio e pepe flan

with caramelized pears in red wine


Orecchiette pasta with ragù

of veal chops and meatballs

Spaghettoni with turnips top cream

smoked stracciatella cheese, confit tomatoes and Cantabrian anchovies

Bread and pumpkin’s gnocchi

with monk's beard, parmesan cream and capocollo powder

Paccheri pasta whit wild boar ragout

with roasted potatoes and chocolate

Little cannelloni pasta with ricotta cheese and thyme

on cardoncelli mushrooms and bianchetto truffle


Pollo “Il Cortiletto” (Chef’s Special)

roasted boneless chicken drumsticks marinated in mixed herbs & olive oil topped with lemon rocket served with roasted potatoes

Lamb in parchment
€ 20

whit dried tomatoes, lampascioni onion, olives and chicories

Mixed Grill
Dry marinated rib Eye
€50 per KG

with paprika flavoured roasted potatoes

Sliced beef
€22 (250/300 GR)

whit artichokes, caciocavallo cheese and red caramelized red onion

Tripe soup

with potatoes and pecorino cheese flakes


Home made dessert
€ 6


Cover Charge and Bread
€ 3